Jobs At Champlain Center For Natural Medicine

Job Opening: Naturopathic Physician

Job duties:

1. Interview patients and document symptoms and medical histories;

2. Order or refer patients to perform diagnostic imaging procedures such as radiographs (x-rays), ultrasounds, mammograms, and/or bone densitometry tests;

3. Diagnose health conditions based on patients' symptoms, health histories, laboratory test results, radiological imaging results, clinical tests, and/or other physiological measurements;

4. Administer vitamin and mineral intravenous therapy;

5. Prescribe natural medicine, dietary supplements, herbal extracts, nutritional therapy, homeopathy, Oriental or Ayurvedic medicine, electrotherapy, acupuncture, diathermy, and/or counseling to treat patients' medical conditions;

6. Prescribe appropriate medications as necessary for a primary care practice that uses natural remedies;

7. Refer patients with serious ailments or conditions to a specialist or appropriate facilities;

8. Perform follow-up examinations, as well as educating patients in disease prevention and health maintenance;

9. Advise patients about therapeutic exercises;

10. Attend professional development activities such as post-graduate education, continuing education, and/or residency programs without teaching any medical students; and

11. Manage medical supply orderings.



  1. A doctoral degree in Naturopathic Medicine (ND); and
  2. Naturopathic physician license issued by the State of Vermont.


Work location: 3804 Shelburne Road, Shelburne, VT 05482

Full-time position, 40 hours per week

Employer: Champlain Center for Natural Medicine, Inc.



Please send resume to [email protected], or to 3804 Shelburne Road, Shelburne, VT 05482 (Attn: Ms. Michele Starr, Practice Manager)