Dr. Alison R. Maloof, ND

Dr. Alison R. Maloof is originally from Western Massachusetts. After spending time living and working in Florida, California, and the United Kingdom, she moved to Chicago, Illinois where she received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Health Sciences.
Since childhood, Dr. Maloof has had an interest in the healing arts, but it wasn’t until she started teaching yoga and doing extensive volunteer work that she found her way into medicine. She has a passion for helping others and for natural forms of medicine. Her experiences with backpacking and working as a trailblazer on the west coast expanded her appreciation for the beauty and benefits nature has to offer. This combined with her creative upbringing, learning various forms of art from her mother, such as painting and basket weaving, paved a road towards a love for naturopathic medicine.
Dr. Maloof is thrilled to be working in the beautiful state of Vermont. As a natural primary care physician, she works with chronic and acute conditions including: digestive concerns, endocrine disorders, women’s health issues, nutritional imbalances, food sensitivities, musculoskeletal conditions, anxiety, depression, and more. Dr. Maloof has a firm belief in finding the underlying cause of illness and working as a team with her patients to create the conditions for health.
In her spare time, Dr. Maloof enjoys yoga, meditation, hiking, folding origami animals, and skiing