ADK: The Synergy Supplement
Although many health issues can be improved with life style changes such as better diet, stress reduction, fresh air, clean water, and exercise, even the best of life styles today require additional support for optimal health.  Because of modern diets and living conditions, and for genetic reasons, there are certain vitamins and other nutrients that you are unable to acquire in adequate amounts to meet your need for optimal health. There is a continuum between optimal health and illness, and the closer one is to the optimum, the less likely one is to face a health crisis or illness. Dr. Bill Warnock's new custom-made ADK is designed to optimize the body's capacity to function at its best, so you can live better and longer. ADK is an important element in improving heath in multiple ways.
Why ADK?
Vitamins A, D and K are all vital to optimal health, and many people are deficient in them. When all three of these are present in adequate amounts, they work in synergy, facilitating each other's beneficial effects. All of them are genetic regulators, and their presence is needed in order for certain genes to make the substances we need for a variety of functions. Dr. Bill’s ADK has been formulated with therapeutic dosages, which are considerably higher than those found in standard vitamin supplements. They are safe to take daily, yet effective promoting long-term wellbeing. A, D and K enhance many different body functions including DNA repair.  A, D and K are fat-soluble vitamins (as is Vitamin E), and they act like a hormones, activating functions in your body that make you healthier. (Water-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin C are more like fuel for certain body functions, rather than regulators.)
Vitamin A
A bit over half of us are able to transform beta-carotene, contained from plants, into vitamin A, which is utilized by the body for various functions. This is unique to the animal and human world.  40% of the population cannot convert beta-carotene into vitamin A from their diet. For the 60% able to convert this essential nutrient to vitamin A, they are rarely able to convert what is needed for optimal health. (If you have dry skin, decreased vision, eczema, hang nails, psoriasis, or rough bumpy skin, cracks on the corners of your mouth, it is likely you are deficient in vitamin A.) Vitamin A on its own helps to improve the absorption of iron, improves eyesight, and good skin.  It is a general anti-inflammatory and stimulates the production of red blood cells. In addition, when therapeutic doses of Vitamin A are taken, one needs more of D and K, because the beneficial functions instigated by the higher Vitamin A dosage require the presence of greater amounts of its "partner" vitamins.
Vitamin D
The majority of people in industrialized societies are deficient in Vitamin D. You need at least two hours exposure to the sun daily to get an optimal dose of vitamin D. This sunshine vitamin helps with depression, boosts your immune system, helps prevent cancer and heart disease, supports good blood pressure and better cholesterol. Many parts of the world have only 50 days of vitamin D producing sunshine per year! Getting an optimal dose of Vitamin D can alleviate the tendencies toward all of these conditions.
Vitamin K
Most of the world does not get vitamin K in substantial amounts from their diet. No real food (except natto or fermented soybeans) has it in high enough doses. All vitamin K is not the same! The most familiar form is K1 that occurs in leafy green vegetables and is used by our bodies for blood clotting. Vitamin K2 is derived from K1 and has completely different functions in the body. To make matters even more complicated, there are 2 main forms of K2, MK4 and MK7.  The main difference between the two is their half-life of how long the vitamin stays in your body. Our vitamin K has the longest half-life; meant to improve bone density, remove plaque in the arteries, while helping prevent heart disease. Since plaque in the arteries is a major contributor to heart disease, the number one cause of death for people over sixty, getting enough Vitamin K2 is imperative for older people as an agent of repair, and for younger people as an agent of prevention.
A and D work together for substantial protection against prostate cancer.  Other synergies include preventing older cells from turning into cancer cells.  A and D also work to prevent and support recovery from autoimmune diseases, such as arthritis. Vitamins A and D stimulate the production of essential proteins.  As Vitamins A and D do their work, they require K to perform their functions. The presence of all three vitamins in therapeutic dosages greatly amplifies the performance of each one!
For a few years now, Vitamin D has been in the spotlight, as more and more of its benefits have been discovered. It has been written recently that the new "stealth vitamin" to take center stage will be Vitamin K, because it has such a wide array of newly realized benefits. Dr. Bill's therapeutic combination of A, D and K goes a big step further, factoring in a whole network of mutually-enhancing activities which are facilitated when these three important substances are brought together in the optimal dosages.
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